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Location:International Monster Studie,aka I.M.S.
Hour:1:00 am.

We see a man with a uniform moving quickly through the halls.
He opens a door and enters a room holding a file.

_Sir!Mister general sir!
The older man,with an uniform similar to the man's,but with many medals on the front,looked at teh younger man.
_What is it cadet?
_We have just been reported that a giant monster attacked New York!
The general looked at him boredly.
_Well just send our man to stop it...before it wrecks the city.

The soldier frowned a bit.

_Sir...that thing was huge and very strong!The missiles didn't have any afect!And the parasite like monsters were very dangerous and made people explode!Also the army blew up Manhatan to stop it!And it's still alive!

The general's eyes widened to the size of plates.

_How is that possible?!How were we not informed of this?!
_I don't know....but every one in the city was killed and the army is getting problems from the parasites...we have permition to destroy the critters...but what about the monster?

The general frowned.This was a real problem.But then he had an idea.

_Did they send any videos?Sound messages maybe?
_Yes.A video of the wreckege and the monster.
_Send it to the main labs and tell them to scan the creature for emotion and then the voical sounds.

The soldier nodded and ran off.

_*sigh*This will be a long day.

At the labs the scientists prepered a sound review and some images from the video.
As they worked the general came in with the top operator.

_We came to some small conclusions as we examined the footage.
_And that would be...?

The operator walked up to the main computer and comanded the scientists,wo showed the images destacked from the videos.

_Look closely,this expression isn't one of anger,it's of pure fear.

The comander examined the images and expression of the creature,in fact it looked scared if you looked at it up close.
The images were switched.

_And this one shows that the creature seems sad.

The general nodded.Soon many more images showed,concluding that the creature had a "juvenile" like strocture.

_So.You're telling me that thing is a baby?!
_Yes sir...also we examined the roars.Hear clearly with the explosions and screams.

The sounds sounded horrifieng and enraged.

_It sounds like it would rampage through all the contries if it was capeable of doing it.'s the fear afect...when there are screams and explosions,sounds sound much more dangerous and horrifieng....but if we clear the sound of explosions and screams...

The sound played again,but it sounded like a saddened howl of despair.
The general frowned a bit as did everyone.

_It sounds....very scared...and sad.
_Yes.Our point's possible that it's a hatchling...looking for it's probably dead mother...

The general sighed.

_This means it never saw another of it's i right?
_Yes sir.
_Then i can use him in project M.R.C.

The scientists looked at him intregued.

_But this baby suffered attacks!ANd ate a human bieng!It is probably terrified and filled with horrible bug like parasites!
_Not really-the top operator retorted.-The last missile was to try and freeze the monster.That blast killed all of the parasites.
_So it means they weren't capeable of standing cold temperatures?
_Yes sir.All of the creatures are gone...all but the L.S.A.
_L.S.A....that doesn't sound like a suiteable name...-the General said.-Well the worker i'm thinking of putting the creature in her care will think of a name...
_Sir....who are you thinking of?

The general smiled.

_Someone of my grate trust.

In her dorm,Julie sighed as she investigated over the monster attacks all over the world.
They were covered up by her grandfather's secret organization.The I.M.S....
Godzilla,Lockness Monster,Mothman,Lizerd people...all the attackers were just juveniles...
She new this very well because her friends were part of project M.R.C.They helped the juveniles be raised as humans even if they looked the way they did and thanks to an invention,would only grow up to human size...eve if some times they'd grow a bit taller then them.But only a bit.
She kept surfing the internet until she found a report of a new attack.

_Uhhh?New York in panic.Giant monster destroys city and whole Manhatan...

She looked at the pictures of the creature.They weren't very good but still there was one where she saw the creature's face.She gawked at it's expression.A comun person without training would say that was rage....but she new it was grate fear and sorrow...she frowned thinking of how that poor creature had wondered off...
She was cut off her toughts when she heard nocking at her door.

_Julie?Are you in there?
_Oh!Yes grandfather...i am.

The general,or grandfather,opened the door and smiled at the 17 year old.

_How's my favourite granddaughter?
_Very well.You?
_The same old me.Listen i see you are already informed of what happened in N.Y.

Julie looked at her computer.

_Yeah....what happened to the monster?
_It's uncoscious....and we're gonna pic it up...for the M.R.C project....
_Oh...i was a baby too uh?
_Yes.That is correct.
_Who's the lucky girl who'll take care of that baby?
_That my girl,would be you.

Julie's eyes widened.

_M-m-me?!Why me?!
_I think you need more company...and i trust grately in you to give you this responsability.
_I know....but taking care of a monster who leveled New York?What if it becomes agressive?
_Then we'll have to be desposed of it...something i don't wish....please a life.

Julie frowned.True she'd murder the life of a baby....but....oh hell!She'd try.

_Ok.But i'm not making any promises...
_Thanks Julie...
_Where is he now?
_Still in N.Y.Get ready we're gonna get it.
_The baby needs to see it's mother first...then we can come back to your new room in the M.R.C dorms.

Julie sighed.This would be a long day indeed.

Julie looked around the wreckage,corpses covering the grounds,even some had their guts exposed,blood covering the ground in an explosion padren.
Julie grimaced,but she stopped as she saw it.The massive body of the monster.
Her grandfather looked at her in worry as he saw her expression.

_Truelly pityfull isn't it?

Julie watched as the scientists shrinked the baby monster,to a normal baby size.
It trembled and shrieked sorrowfully and in pain.
Julie stepped fowerd and kneeled down next to the creature.
It opened it's shark like wide eyes and looked at her.They stared at each other for a long time.
Julie was inpressed.At this size it looked much more fragile...she her self wasn't a wonder of a girl.She had brown short hair,green eyes,weared a creen hoody and jeans.The traducter around her neck,dangling.The traducted looked like a necklace,to help against suspission.
The creature looked intently at Julie's eyes.And it opened his mouth,shreaking.
"_Maaaamaaaaaa?" the traducter said as the creature shrieked.
Julie nodded.

The creature looked at her and sofened it's look,worries previously splatered across it's face now long gone as it raised its smaller limbs and hurt,bigger ones.
Julie picked him up carefully,in a confurtable position.She cradeled him and smiled as "he" closed his eyes smiling.
The general came fowerd and smiled.

_His name?
_What's his new name?
_....I'm thinking...Cloverfield,Clover for short...
_Yeah...because he's very lucky to be alive after all of those attacks...

The general smiled as Julie kept cradling Clover.He knew that as of moment,Julies worries vanished and were now pure love for the baby monster,who slept in her arms confurtably and not scared of the attacks and screams anymore.
This was something i've been thinking of....if anyone coments on this and tells me what they think,i might continue or stop this.
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