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    Crying and shrieking was heard from every location in Wasteland as the Petes rounded up every single baby toon. They were currently inside of a battle tank like machine which had as a main purpose, round up small creatures, much like the Gremlin Catcher, only it had thousands of cribs inside, along with a driving chamber which Big Bad Pete and Petetronic were in charge of.
Small Pete and Pete Pan in turn, were in charge of the Baby Section, since they were the gentlest of the group and would know how to be careful when dealing with the babies.
 "They are kinda' adorable dont'cha think Small Pete?" Pete Pan asked while holding a baby Horace who was relatively calm.
 "Yeah i guess, but this one's bein' a little fussy..." Small Pete said in turn while holding a baby Ortensia.
    While some of the baby-fied toons were calm, others seemed to be very upset over the noise that the machine made. Ortensia however, was different.
She seemed to be upset with the overall idea of being held by a Pete. It was as if she remembered them and knew this was wrong.
 "Ah, just leave her in the crib with the Mad Doc and the stupid Clock..." Pete Pan said while pointing at the farthest crib, which indeed had the baby turned human toon and clock.
    It wasn't just Ortensia that was fussy, both the Mad Doctor and the once Clock Tower, were not liking the idea of being babies, or being anywhere near the Petes.
The lumbering cat toons might think that they were just stupid cranky babies, but in reality, a small part of their minds did register that the three should not be babies, and that their "caretakers" were doing something horribly bad. So as smart babies, they did the only thing they could.
Cause trouble and cry their heads off. Well all but the Clock Tower which uttered no sound at all, just banged his fists on any surface he could. Why he didn't cry, was a bit of a mystery. Maybe like this he had no vocal mechanism installed?
    As Small Pete placed Ortensia in the crib and turned around to go check on the other babies, the three trouble makers began to communicate in "baby language".
 "Those big fat meanies are up to something!" Ortensia cooed.
 "Yeah, and they did something to us...I remember having hair here!" the Mad Doctor babbled back while pointing at his chin and under his nose "Like the adults!"
    The Clock Tower in turn raised his right arm above his head as if to say how big he was without even using his voice. It seemed no one would get a word out of him.
 "We need to get out and stop those meanies..." Ortensia babbled. "But how?"
    The Mad Doctor seemed to be thinking the same, and the Clock Tower ticked his head from side to side absentmindedly. He didn't know what to do, he'd never really been so far away from his home, at least he didn't remember ever being anyway.
 "I have an idea!" The Mad Doctor cooed excitedly. "I'll start crying, and when the big meany comes to check on us, you two jump him!"
 "What about the other one?" Ortensia asked him.
 "...Good point..."
    As the two kept on trying to think of something, the clock kept on ticking his head from side to side, until suddenly he began muttering "tick-tock" along with it. Soon it became louder and rather annoying.
Annoying to the point that it was nerve wrecking for Pete Pan and Small Pete.
 "The stupid clock's making tick-tock noises!" Small Pete said to Pete Pan "You're an expert in ticking noises, you fix it!"
    Pete Pan grumbled and went to the crib, looking down at the three babies, before he diverted his attention to the baby Clock Tower.
 "Would'ja quit it? Yer ticking's givin' me a headache!" he yelled.
    For a moment, the Clock Tower stopped and looked up at Pete Pan. Then his lower lip began to quiver, and his eyes filled up with tears.
Next thing the two adult toons and the rest of the babies knew, a horribly loud shrieking noise was emitted from the tiny Clock Tower's mouth.
He was crying, and it sounded like something you'd hear in Bald Mountain!


    Gus never thought he'd want to be in a cage as much as he did at the moment. What ever that setting did to Prescott's mind, was absolutely terrifying.
The once sarcastic Gremlin was now in a feral animal like state, attacking anything in sight and violently fighting back if he was held down.
Neither paint nor thinner helped the situation. They were just making him bigger.
    He watched from where he was hiding, as Mickey was thrown at an empty crate and winced as he heard something break. Hopefully it was just the crate and not any of his bones...
Oswald wasn't in any better shape. Now that Mickey was down, Prescott had turned to attack the lucky rabbit whom was trying to keep the dark blur from biting him. Good idea considering those teeth looked sharp enough to puncture steel.
    The other Gremlins were shouting, telling Oswald to duck when ever a well aimed fist came flying in his direction, or when the other's tail went to wrap around his leg.
When Prescott had enough of fooling around, he grabbed hold of the rabbit toon's ears and flung him across the room.
 "Oswald!" Gus couldn't help yell, instantly covering his mouth when the overgrown Gremlin monster turned around to look at him.
Oh boy...
    The others started shouting, yelling for Mickey and Oswald to get up, or for Gus to run, but it was useless.
Despite being bigger, Prescott was also faster, he'd grab Gus faster then he could run, and both Mickey and Oswald were beyond exhausted from the continuous fight, so Gus just shrunk back in fear and trembled as the monster turned Gremlin made his way towards him.
    When he reached him, he grabbed him by the bow of his clothing and brought him closer to his face. Oh great, just his luck, he'd become a meal for the now deranged Gremlin.
He covered his eyes, expecting to be gobbled up.
Nothing happened.
    Peeking, he saw that Prescott seemed a bit confused, as if trying to make out what exactly he was looking at.
He then extended one clawed finger and began to lightly poke Gus.
A giggle escaped the Widget's mouth and was soon fallowed by more as the monster like Prescott took a liking to the sound.
 "No stop!" Gus said in his now high pitched voice "That tickles! Ahahahah!"
    Everyone else in the room was rather surprised by this. Prescott was tickling Gus instead of beating or tearing him apart? But...Why?
That same question crossed both heroic rodent toons' heads as they finally caught their breath and got up.
This quickly caught Prescott's attention and the monstrous Gremlin began to snarl.
Considering his current situation, Gus decided to try and ask him to stop.
 "Easy Prescott...They're friends, remember?" the Widget tried, getting a strange look from his holder "You remember them right? Oswald the Leader of Wasteland...And Mickey is his brother and savior of wasteland...They, they came to rescue us from the Petes."
    Prescott snarled at the mention of the Petes, how could he forget them? They treated him bad, like a slave, while he'd waited for the brothers to come and save him and the others!
As realization struck, Prescott set down the Widget in his grasp, no he wasn't really a Widget, this was Gus! This was Gremlin Gus, their leader...
    He groaned in irritation and clutched his head. Why was his mind so confusing?! It used to be filled with great ideas and logic, but now...That machine ruined it! He was ruined! Worst of all he was a monster like the blotlings.
    His frustrated thinking was cut short when a squeaking noise came from the door. Everyone looked at it, expecting the Petes to have come back with an army (although, hadn't they left only 20 minutes ago?) of babies and monsters.
Instead, a very tall figure dressed in yellow greeted their eyes instead.
    This person was a human, dressed in a yellow uniform which was slightly familiar to Mickey, but he didn't quite understand where he'd seen it.
The human had calm blue eyes and short, yet slightly messy hair which seemed to have never really met a comb before.
He wasn't bad looking, nor was he extraordinarily gorgeous, he was average.
The Gremlins recognized him right away.
 "It's Pilot Gus!" Markus exclaimed.
    Oswald and Mickey stared for a moment while the Gremlins cheered, Pilot...Gus? Where had they heard of that name before?
Then they remembered.
The Gremlins used to sabotage planes in the era of the war, they stopped when a noble human Pilot offered them a home and safety in exchange for helping keep the planes in good condition.
Each Gremlin was named after their respective pilot.
This was Gus' pilot.


    The cages had been simple to open, the two brothers hadn't the time however, considering a very angry monster Gremlin was attacking them.
Now that Prescott was calmed down however, both Mickey and Oswald along with the human Gus got to work on it.
    Gremlin, err...Widget Gus had explained what happened and occasionally, either Oswald or Mickey would add their own parts of the story to it.
And while Pilot Gus had smiled and laughed a bit when he saw his Gremlin turned into a mere little Widget, he'd felt rather bad for Gremlin Prescott.
He'd been one of the Gremlins that had helped him pass the physical flight test after he'd gotten hurt for trying to fly with a flue (the little Gremlins wrecking his plane didn't help either). He'd also been the one who came up with the idea of how to help him stand on his injured leg.
 "What happened to you?" Widget Gus asked suddenly "Me and the Gremlins came to Wasteland after we were forgotten, but we never saw you or the other humans..."
    Gus stopped to think for a bit, indeed he remembered when he'd been forgotten. when you only appeared in a book, people tended to overlook you and instead concentrate on the funny little creatures that nearly got you killed several times.
 "We came to in this snowy area. We didn't know where else to go, miles of cold snow everywhere don't exactly spell out shelter, so we built one far away from here." he explained "It didn't feel right to stay anywhere near the factory...Neither one of us liked that idea at all...It made us feel a bit uneasy."
    True, the Factory had been a less then ideal place to stay. Even if it had been the only shelter around, the Pilots had kept away from it. it didn't feel right to stay in a place that had once belonged to the Gremlins, before the war.
 "It took us a while, but we made a house that was big enough for everyone to live at. We even made a green house, I think we were all waiting for you all to show up, but you never came." Gus said while looking at the Widget on his shoulder.
 "We didn't know this place existed Gus" gremlin Gus said "We just found it recently, and not in the best of terms."
    The human nodded at this and finally finished freeing the last three Gremlins. he then looked down at Mickey and Oswald with a look of worry.
 "This place isn't safe, and without any proper gear I'm sure that machine we saw won't be stopped, neither these...Petes..."
    The two nodded at this and pondered.
 "What do you suggest?" Mickey asked.
    At this the human smiled and looked at the other Gremlins, which were looking at him in both adoration and expectation.
 "I think it's time we reunite the whole group and rest for now" He said "We'll need all the strength we can get and you all need to eat I'm sure."
    His reply were several growling stomachs and some embarrassed blushing. To this he just laughed and motioned for all of them to fallow.
Wouldn't the other Pilots be happy to see them all.
Summary: The Petes initiate their plan to rule all Wasteland, leaving Oswald and Mickey to save not only the forgotten world, but the Gremlins that the Petes have captured beforehand.

While the petes gather the babies, Ortensia, the Mad Doctor and the Clock Tower try to figure out a way to stall which ends up to be quite a loud experience. Meanwhile, Gus manages to remind Prescott of who everyone is, calming him down slightly and they are all rescued by one of the mysterious figures, which is actually Pilot Gus.

As I said, I'll be making a fanfic of how I want and think Epic Mickey 3 would have gone.
Considering the Petes took Prescott in the first place, I'll make this more centered around the Gremlins and their past.
Sorry for any grammar errors and any noob mistakes.
I'm still getting used to some information I collected of the characters that will show up in this story.

All characters belong to Disney and Roald Dahl. I only own this story! Nothing else!
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