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    Most scientists were highly organized and knew how to keep a cabinet filled with inventory files.
Most scientists also knew how to make sure their inventory lists were up to date.
The Mad Doctor wasn't "most scientists".
 "Ok boys, this is the last room, I promise." The human toon said to his two shorter rodent friends, who were shaking their hands and groaning in frustration.
 "You said the exact same thing the last two rooms Doc..." Mickey said while massaging his wrist. He and Oswald had been writing down every single tool, part; piece; machinery and blueprint that the Mad Doctor owned. So far nothing was out of place...All the items that should be there (Along with the new ones) were there.
 "We will have to keep looking you two. Who knows what Big Bad Pete might have taken...It must have been of high importance if he stole it from me instead of making it from scratch..."
    As he opened the door, the two brothers looked at each other sadly, and hoped that the wrist abuse would soon stop.
It didn't take much time for it to do, considering the room was almost completely empty. And surely enough, the Mad Doctor did realize something was not there.
Something that made him bite his gloved fingers and panic.
 "Oh no..." He said. "Oh no no no...This is bad..."
    Mickey rose an eyebrow while Oswald began to worry. De'd never seen the Mad Doctor this worried before. What could have possibly been taken?
 "The Altered Paint And Thinner Generator...It's gone..." The Mad Doctor mumbled in a hushed tone, just barely loud enough for the two brothers to hear.
 "The what now?" Oswald asked.
 "The Altered Paint And Thinner generator! It was a project that I was working on..." The Mad Doctor said while turning to face them. "It works like a Paint and Thinner Pump, but it can accept both paint and thinner at the same time. The results are neutral if just used as fuel, but used for something else, this hybrid between the two could prove disastrous!"
    The look on the Mad Doctor's face and his explanation were enough to send chills down Mickey and Oswald's spines. A generator that used both paint and thinner at the same time? Even more, an hybrid of the two powerful liquids that could not be contained unless used as fuel?
This couldn't be good at all...Considering the Petes were the ones to have it in the first place.
 "Doc...Say that what ever the Petes are planning doesn't go according to plan and the generator messes up...What would happen?" Mickey asked.
    The Mad Doctor sighed sadly and shook his head. How could he explain the very potential of this hybrid liquid? It was almost completely impossible, yet trying wouldn't hurt...
So, as he opened his mouth to reply, the Mad Doctor wasn't planning on getting cut off when the ground began to shake in a pattern. One much like footsteps.
    The two cartoon rodent heroes quickly ran down the hall, fallowed by the human toon and peered outside, only to duck their heads right back in when a massive robotic arm nearly decapitated them.
Another scrap metal machine! And this time, Oswald was sure this one was bigger then the last.
It's function was clear by the way it looked.
This was a battle robot.
 "Quick fallow it!" Mickey yelled as Oswald began spinning his ears, lifting himself up in the air.
    When he was at a notable height, Mickey jumped and grabbed on to his legs, allowing the rabbit to pull him out of the window and hover after the mechanical monstrosity, slowly descending to the ground as gravity took it's toll.
The Mad Doctor was left to hope that the two would find the Petes and stop what ever horrid plan they had in motion.


    The two brothers were panting and sweating. Oswald had landed a while back and they had fallen too far behind the machine to catch up with it. Still it was easy to fallow the tracks it was leaving.
 "Where is it going?" Mickey asked tiredly while clutching his aching sides. He really needed to lay off the cheese...
 "I think...I think it's going to the Float Yard..." Oswald replied, equally tired. He too needed to work out more. Still why should he complain? Ortensia never seemed to bother him about his slight roundness, so why should he bother himself about it?
It wasn't a problem, it was how he'd been drawn in the first place.
 "It's probably going to stock up in parts then..." Mickey muttered to himself. "We should fallow it! If it goes back to the Petes, we'll know where they're hiding the Gremlins and the generator!"
    Oswald nodded and after regaining his breath, both he and his sibling went on a quick jog, only to step out of the way when the Machine finally came back, clutching a large amount of scrap metal and broken down parts.
That was quick...
Still no time to wonder, they needed to keep up this time!


    Prescott had been trying to carefully find a way to free the others when he'd heard the machine coming back to the factory.
He'd looked at the others and quickly gotten far away from the cages, and just in time to sit down by the blueprints before the Petes came in with a large amount of parts that were ready for usage.
 "Ok we got ya the parts, start workin'!" Big Bad Pete ordered Prescott while watching him. "And this time, we'll be watchin' ya!"
    Gulping, Prescott grabbed his tool box and picked one of the parts he'd use. He didn't expect the Petes to watch him...
There was no way he'd be able to stall the main machine's completion, specially considering he just needed a few more to finish it and make it operational.
    The large cat toons and gremlins watched as he worked, making him feel a bit nervous about failing yet doing a good job as well.
He didn't want to be at the receiving end of both results...
So there he was, stuck with finishing a dreaded machine that could possible ruin Wasteland more then the Thinner Disaster or the Quakes had done...
    Piece by piece, bolt by bolt, wire by wire, the machine was finally done. And maybe, if Mickey and Oswald had been quicker, Petetronic and Big Bad Pete wouldn't have had the chance to turn it on and grab both Prescott and a struggling Gus.
 "Now that it's done, it needs some testin' eheheh!" Petetronic laughed maliciously. "Guess who the lucky test subjects are!"
    Prescott trembled in fear. He knew this would happen...he knew they'd use him as some sort of test dummy, but Gus...No, why were they going to use him? Because he'd been Mickey's guide? because he was Older and wiser?
It was at this moment that Prescott wished he'd never agreed to help the Mad Doctor, and that he'd been smarter then to let his bitterness clog his mind with self pity and anger...
    Gus was the first to go into the machine. Big Bad Pete roughly shoved him in and put it on the first setting. The Apprentice Setting. How ironic...
The machine roared to life, making the captive Gremlins gasp when they heard their leader cry out in pain, as both paint and thinner flowed into the interior of the machine.
It soon opened up and Gus came out, clawing at his own skin as the very colors from his skin were ripped out, leaving a blank sketch to look up in horror as all the colors swirled about and changed to exclude the black of the boots and goggles along with the whites of the straps; gloves and mustache.
Next they came down upon the elder Gremlin like a wave, swirling around him until his whole sketch like figure was consumed, shrunk down in size and transformed into a Widget.
    Markus; Jamface and the others stared wide eyed as their leader was reduced to nothing but a baby. A very smart one, but still a small and defenseless baby.
Prescott wasn't surprised at all, he was actually glad the machine didn't kill him. Yet the mere idea that Gus was used for the Apprentice Setting made his stomach clench. That meant...that meant they'd use the other one on him...Oh creator no! Oh dear sweet Roald Dahl no!
    Petetronic tightened his grip, chuckled darkly and tossed Prescott into the machine, while Gus weakly got up on shaking legs, only to be yanked up by the bow that kept his attire in place and forced to watch as the navy clad Gremlin banged on the machine door and began yelling.
 "Wait no! You don't know what you're doing! This is untested and dangerous! you don't know what'll happen!" He screamed.
 "Oh so ya recovered your voice uh? Tsh...And of course we don't know what'll happen, that's why we got ya to test it!" Big Bad Pete said while the others laughed and the gremlins began banging on the bars of their cages.
 "No please! This will use up more thinner then paint! you won't be able to...No...No...NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"


    It was cold. Very cold and snowy and you could barely see anything doe to how much it was snowing.
Mickey and Oswald didn't like to admit it, but the Petes had chosen a good spot to hide. Who would have ever guessed that in Ventureland, there was a hidden path that lead to a cold valley of sorts?
A lost part of Wasteland...No communication and possibly abandoned, even before the Thinner Disaster.
The two were lucky to even be able to see the footprints, or else they would have probably thought they'd done a wrong turn and gotten into a frozen dead end. But no, they could see it clearly on the snow. Tracks, big giant tracks from an equally big giant machine.
They were going the right way.
 "T-T-th-This is too cold for my l-l-l-liking...!" Oswald said while chattering his teeth together. he didn't like the cold so much.
 "Re-reminds m-me of a vacation I t-took with M-m-mi-Minnie!" Mickey commented.
    The two couldn't give up just because it was could. What was at stake here could not be ignored and so they pressed on, until finally they reached a huge run down looking factory.
Could this be where the Petes were keeping the Gremlins?


    The two jumped in fright when they heard the scream come from the factory. They nodded at each other, took out their weapons of choice and ran for the large building.
There was no mistaking it, that was Prescott's voice. His very pained and terrified voice.
Summary: The Petes initiate their plan to rule all Wasteland, leaving Oswald and Mickey to save not only the forgotten world, but the Gremlins that the Petes have captured beforehand.


As I said, I'll be making a fanfic of how I want and think Epic Mickey 3 would have gone.
Considering the Petes took Prescott in the first place, I'll make this more centered around the Gremlins and their past.
Sorry for any grammar errors and any noob mistakes.
I'm still getting used to some information I collected of the characters that will show up in this story.

All characters belong to Disney and Roald Dahl. I only own this story! Nothing else!
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