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    Yen Sid was in his workshop writing down on an old looking notebook. He used it to depict the progress of his special project.
The land where all forgotten characters went to live at.
The one his apprentice had happened upon and wrecked by accident when his mirror had called to him. To this day, the magician didn't know why the mirror had chosen the mouse, but it did a fine job picking him. Why may you ask?
Well, even if he did cause the damage in the first place, the mouse toon had fixed it when things got out of hand.
    The Shadow Blot had ruined countless lives and wrecked what had once been a paradise, leaving it a wasteland.
But with Mickey's courage and kindness, all was restored, including long forgotten bonds.
    Later, the Mad Doctor had plotted a devious plan to become a toon again and be once more loved by the public.
Gremlin Gus and Ortensia called upon Mickey and so, reuniting the two toon brothers. One loved by the public, the other a ruler of the forgotten toons.
The two redeemed the Mad Doctor and peace was once more restored to the Wasteland.
Or had it?
    While the toons were celebrating Mickey and Oswald's victory, no one had seen the Petes reunite and take a still dazed and slightly terrified Gremlin Prescott.
No one but Yen Sid.
    The magician had been perplexed as to why the Petes had taken the Gremlin, only to realize that they began to gather all sorts of mechanical parts and broken down animatronics.
However, Yen Sid did nothing. Mickey soon returned and the cartoon magician let him be.
he needed some rest after that adventure. Everyone did.
What ever the Petes were planning, would soon come to light, and they would all have their strengths for when the day came.
The question was, when the day came, would the two brothers be prepared to do the right choices?


    Mickey Mouse was slightly stressed. It's been three years since he's last gone into the Wasteland.
It was both a good thing and a bad thing.
The good about it, was that the Wasteland was finally at peace. The bad thing about it, was that mickey didn't get much of a chance to visit his brother and friends.
What with the work Yen Sid was giving him, the disasters he had to fix after he made them (specially the one where he nearly flooded his master's whole castle when he played around with his hat...Oh boy, that had been a mess!) and he needed to participate in cartoons and a few little movies with Donald and Goofy.
    Finally getting home, Mickey made sure Pluto still had some food and water in his bowls and then after giving the excited dog a few pats, he went to bed.
Curling up in his comfy bed and covering himself with the blankets, the cartoon mouse fell asleep, unaware that somewhere beyond his mirror and in a forgotten land, his sibling was preparing to do the same after tucking in all of his and Ortensia's children.
    The rabbit toon yawned tiredly as he headed for his shared room, only to stop when he heard a knock at the door.
Groaning slightly, the tired rabbit made his way to the entrance. He opened the door groggily and looked at Animatronic Goofy who had a worried expression on his face.
 "Hm? Oh hi goofy, what is it you want at..." he looked behind himself and spotted a clock on a nearby wall, with Mickey depicted on it. "2 AM?"
    He hadn't realized he'd taken so long into tucking all of his children to sleep. Then again they had been really hyper due to watching an adventure movie before bed, and had refused to sleep until they were all comfortable and that Oswald read them a bed time story, which took even longer to chose considering they all wanted different things. He'd opted with telling them of when Mickey first came down to Wasteland since they had wanted a bit more detail.
He of course, took away the gruesome parts. They were still very young after all.
 "Gorsh Oswald, I didn't know it was so late..." the animatronic said feeling embarrassed. "But...I heard some strange noises by the projector that lead to the Gremlin Village. I got kind of worried and didn't know who to turn to, so I came here since you're the leader and all..."
    Nodding at this Oswald processed what he'd been told. Strange noises near the projectors? Hm, maybe he should investigate.
Maybe it was just a friendly spatter jumping in and out of the projector for fun. They tended to be noisy when they were happy.
 "Ok Goofy, I'll go have a look. Meanwhile you should go rest. It is kind of late." Oswald said while moving out of the house. He closed the door carefully so that he wouldn't wake his children and wife and walked along with the Animatronic.
 "Will do Oswald!" he replied before heading in a different direction then his leader.
    After waving goodbye, the toon rabbit began running, so that he'd see what was making the noise, and then be able to go back home, to his lovely wife and nice comfy bed.
As he got to the projector however, he nearly tripped due to a large scratch that had been dug into the ground by something big. It seemed to compliment the other similar scratches around the ground, the only area not damaged being the projector it's self.
What ever caused these deep scratches on the concrete, meant business. After all, what would someone do with a pair of giant claws like this other then mean trouble? His creator after all, liked making his characters semi-harmless.
    Jumping in, Oswald went through the short reel quickly and came out on the other side, only to stare in horror at what used to be a pair of solid doors that belonged to the Clock Tower.
They were thrown off their hinges and broken in various ways.
The worst was hearing the Clock moan in pain, very much aware that something had just broken out of it's interior. Something very dangerous.
    Stepping outside of the protective interior oc the Clock Tower, Oswald looked up at the tearing eyes at the Clock as it revealed it's harms and clutched it's front in pain. Trying to choke out a sob.
 "Clock! What happened?!" Oswald asked, hoping the Clock wouldn't clobber him into paste due to his current state. Both physical and mental.
    At first the Clock clenched a fist, ready to bring it down at the rabbit, but as soon as he noticed who it was, he calmed slightly and gulped down the hiccups and sobs that were closed in it's equivalent of a throat.
 "It was terrible! Here I was, dreaming about the time, when something started banging at the inside of my doors! They were being awfully rude, so I refused to open them, then the next thing I know, some mechanical monster with huge sharp claws kicks breaks the doors down! It hurts!" the Clock stated, in a panicking fashion. he Then looked at the path he'd seen the machine take. "I think it was headed for the Gremlin Village...I hope the Gremlins are ok..."
    This was bad. Something that was able to break the Clock without the use of Thinner? This was serious trouble...He needed to get to the village and fast!
 "Ok Clock, I'm going to check on the Gremlins, and then I promise I'll come back with some help to fix you up."
    Nodding, the Clock shooed Oswald away and told him to go as fast as possible. He didn't need to say it twice because the rabbit quickly vanished under the moonlight.
Somehow, the living time depicting instrument knew that he wouldn't be seeing anyone anytime soon...


    Gus had been up late. He often was one of the few Gremlins that went to bed early, but as of late it seemed to be impossible for him.
He'd been plagued by doubt and a few nightmares which showed him a great disaster that stroke the Gremlin Village.
    Deep down, the Gremlin Leader knew why this was happening. he felt guilty for ignoring Prescott's ideas and ambitions.
He'd been the one to raise him, Markus and Jamface, yet it seemed he'd never really payed much mind to the navy blue clad Gremlin.
This only made the older Gremlin feel terrible.
Specially considering he was missing.
    The nightmares started out simple. He'd be with the other Gremlins, having a nice day, and then a huge monstrous machine would come along and destroy everything.
Most of the time, the machine would have Prescott's voice, yelling at him in a hateful way, telling him it was all his fault and that now everyone would pay for their ignorance and neglect.
    There were a few rare nightmares where Prescott would be in a cage, looking malnourished and tired, asking him why he'd abandoned him and why he never payed him any mind.
In Gus' opinion, those were the worst nightmares, considering Prescott was almost like a son to him.
Maybe these nightmares were right, maybe it was all Gus' fault...
    Suddenly a strange noise accompanied by small quakes brought the Gremlin Leader out of his thoughts.
As the sound and shaking got closer, the Gremlin's furniture began to jump up with every single step like quake.
Wait, step?
    Quickly flying to a window, Gus peeked out and was horrified to look at a great big machine coming in the direction of the Gremlin Village.
It had big metal claws, and cage like structures.
Looking at it carefully, Gus could already imagine it's purpose, due to a very familiar design.
    This was something made to capture Gremlins, a large amount of them at that. Panicking, Gus quickly grabbed his tool box and helmet.
Covering his bald head with the helmet, the Gremlin was ready to try and disable the machine.
    Others seemed to get the same idea as they awoke from the noise and shaking. They were all geared up, and despite looking slightly terrified, they flew out and began trying to unscrew parts and saw through some other clearly critical areas, like the machine's joints.
However, as soon as their tools made contact with the machine, the gremlins were shocked, and shot glue at.
It reminded Gus of when he and Jamface created a school for Gremlins, back when they worked for the humans, Pilot Gus and Pilot Jamface.
    Sadly enough, unlike in the school, the Gremlins weren't quick enough to get to their feet once more and scramble away, as the machine quickly captured the dazed mischievous toons. Trapping them in it's cage like structure.
Those who were already in the cage, were banging at the walls, yelling and trying to find a way out.
Those who were still outside, were trying desperately to free their friends.
    At this point, Gus would like to say he'd done something to help, but he was frozen solid due to shock.
Why was this happening?
Was this real? Not another nightmare?
No it had to be real, this was too much to be a simple dream...
    He quickly noticed that he wasn't the only Gremlin that wasn't doing anything. Jamface had flown over to him, helping Markus who'd been shocked when trying to sabotage the machine. Luckily for him, Jamface had noticed this and quickly grabbed him before the machine had a chance to do it instead.
 "This is very bad! At this rate every single Gremlin will be at the clutches of...of that thing!" Jamface exclaimed as he watched his friends and companions getting sucked into the incarceration machine.
 "We need to get help!" Markus added. "There's no way we'll be defeating it without some."
    Nodding at this, Gus did the one thing he hated to do., he turned tail with the two other Gremlins, and flew off as fast as possible.
The machine that had quickly finished gathering all of the other Gremlins, took notice and gave chase, all though it was a clumsy and very slow one.


    This was a big mess. That was all Oswald could think as he approached his destination. He'd spotted the machine already, and saw the Gremlins crying out for help within it.
So that was it's function? Catch the Gremlins?
What for?
    Oswald then noticed the three remaining Gremlins flying tiredly for their lives. Running after, he called out for them.
The three looked down and pointed to the Clock Tower's projector, only for Oswald to shake his head.
 "That thing can go through projectors! We need someplace it won't find us and that won't lead it to the other toons!"
    Nodding to this, the Gremlins lead the forgotten lucky rabbit toon and made their way into a green space, that soon became denser and denser, until all traits that further away there was an amusement park like village.
They still couldn't stop, because the machine would surely fallow, so they kept on running until they were out of breath.
 "This is a place only Gremlins know of. No other toon would be able to find it.
Those who try venturing here get lost quite easily and so we Gremlins need to go find them."
Markus said, only to watch in horror as blade like claws ripped the flora above them apart, leaving the machine to peer down at them.
How had it found them so quickly?!
    The Gremlins quickly scattered, flying around, trying to avoid the machine's arms. Gus took the moment to warn Oswald.
 "Oswald! Go back to Ostown and go into the Gag factory! I stored something that can help you ask for Mickey's help!" he yelled while avoiding the machine, which quickly grabbed Jamface and Markus.  "I know you think you can do this alone, but something is definitely not right about this! Please, call Mickey!"
    And that was the last Oswald heard, other then muffled screams for help as the machine quickly grabbed Gus and then kicked the cartoon Rabbit away, sending him flying back to the Clock Tower.
After that, he knew no more as his world went completely dark around him.
He didn't even notice as the Clock Tower carefully scooped him up and cradled him carefully.
    This was the beginning of the third adventure involving both Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse.
But most importantly, this was an adventure that involved forgiveness and redemption.
Summary: The Petes initiate their plan to rule all Wasteland, leaving Oswald and Mickey to save not only the forgotten world, but the Gremlins that the Petes have captured beforehand.

As I said, I'll be making a fanfic of how I want and think Epic Mickey 3 would have gone.
Considering the Petes took Prescott in the first place, I'll make this more centered around the Gremlins and their past.
Sorry for any grammar errors and any noob mistakes.
I'm still getting used to some information I collected of the characters that will show up in this story.

All characters belong to Disney and Roald Dahl. I only own this story! Nothing else!
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werecatkid17 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
..oh boy, and all Hell breaks loose. I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see how it all plays out. ^^

Gizmo the Cat(Epic Mickey OC): I bet it that machine was made by the Petes and that renagade Gremlin! Lemme at'e,, they'll pay for harming the Clock Tower! DX

Me: *holds her back* ...why'd she have to turn out as such a clock- enthusiast? >~<''
Mwolf0Epsilon Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
All hell breaks lose when ever Eps writes.

Hugo: Someone wrecked the Clock Tower? Where can I go to thank them?

Otto: *slaps Hugo on the back of the head* = ='
werecatkid17 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's my Eps! 83

Wheeler(Robot EM OC): *holds back a rather annoyed Gizmo* refrain from insulting clocks please, I do not know how long I can hold her back.. >x<''

Gizmo: lemme at 'im, lemme at 'im!! *struggles against the robot's grip* DX

(Fun fact! I put a clock in the middle of Wheeler's chest. Lol.)
poplilly4009 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Mwolf0Epsilon Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm surprised I actually did a long intro .__.

This might be one of the best stories I'll ever write
poplilly4009 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Oh, I cant wait!
Mwolf0Epsilon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I hope I'll give it justice since my grammar tends to be trash (example: I didn't know the difference between content and contempt until it was pointed out to me ;w;)
poplilly4009 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
I know you will! If you need any help with English, I would be willing to lend you a hand :D
Mwolf0Epsilon Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! I'll ask if I come across a word or sentence that confuses me :3
Tposykret3 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm fairly good with spelling too. ;)
poplilly4009 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Alrighty then! :D You're welcome!
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