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[Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest

     Hey everyone, so today I have a very unpleasant tale to bestow upon your bored minds (You must be bored if you’re reading this, there simply can’t be another reason other than the fact you’ve gotten bored enough to listen to someone else’s troubles just for fun).
It’s a story about intolerance.

     My day started out pretty shitty, never a good thing when you’re starting a brand new week. Specially considering Wednesday is my last day before Christmas break.
I hadn’t slept all night because of my cats taking up most of my bed space, they love to cuddle at night which is cute but also an inconvenience.
I woke up at 6 AM sharp, got clothed, ate breakfast, properly set up my bag for school with the Monday subjects, bought my mom some tobacco and reminded her to leave some money so I could go buy the cats some food as well as more toilet paper because we were running low.
I left for school at 7:30AM and got there very close to 8:00AM.

From then on, things turned from nice to shitty pretty quickly.

-First class we got let off earlier because it was the last class.  
-Second class my Physics teacher got angry at my classmates and ended up stalling a lot.
-Third class, Math’s teacher was disappointed in us because we had god awful marks on the test we’d done last week. 
-Fourth class, I got fed up with my group work classmates because I ended up doing most of the work.
-Lunch time, I got even more annoyed at a classmate of mine.
-Fifth and Sixth class, I got really pissed off at that classmate because they were making fun of some touchy subjects.

Overall, a pretty bad school day for someone who has issues with socializing with other people…But that wasn’t the worst.
No, the very worst came when I got back home.

     It turns out that, after I left for school, our downstairs neighbor came to antagonize my mother. The topic was of my baby brother being too noisy at night.
Things got really fucking ugly and she threatened to call Social Services to take my brother away.
A fucking repeat of WHY we moved house in the first place.
Needless to say, my mom was crushed. And that’s not even the worst part.
     You see…On Mondays, my younger sister has classes at 9:00AM so she leaves at 8:30AM. This means that she overheard everything...And she was fucking terrified to the point she ended up a sobbing mess because she’s terrified of losing a family member.
Our downstairs bitch of a neighbor ended up scaring the crap out of my 15 year old sister and tormented my mother to the point where she left looking like utter crap.
     My grandma has never been so livid about people, she kept telling me after I got back that “The more she knew animals, the more she hated people”. Frankly, she’s right.
There is no fucking excuse to attack a person, just because a goddamn 5 year old is too loud for your taste.
My brother, he’s a big little fella, but he doesn’t talk. He only repeats stuff.
He’s ahead of a few things but behind on social behaviors and communication (The fact he's started to repeat words is a goddamn breakthrough for him).
He screams, he cries, he gets frustrated easily…It’s not his fault, nor is it my mom’s.
And this bitch, this intolerant piece of shit, steps right in and walks all over my family because she can’t stand a few jumps once in a while?
     My mom’s done all she can to keep him quiet at night.
She’s tired from work, tired from dealing with endless bullshit from her coworkers, tired from cleaning the house after she comes back from work.
She deserves so much more than the shit she gets, and it fucking saddens me that she had to be verbally assaulted by some stupid cunt who’s never had to deal a hyperactive child.
     We're going to move again guys. We're going to move again and it's not just because my mom's being relocated to another workplace. This time we're going back to square one, we're back to being in a goddamn witch hunt because of a cranky bitch of a neighbor.
And you know what upsets me the most?
That this had to happen on December of all months. December was supposed to be a happy month, I was supposed to be enjoying the upcoming Holiday, watching the Yogscast Streams, spreading the word for charity...Feeling generally good about myself because I've finally been placed in a course and am not doing too bad for myself...Instead I feel miserable.

-I've dropped off the face of the Yogscast Fandom, a fandom I loved so very much, and desperately tried to cling on to new interests because I feel upset and unsure of what to do with myself.

-I've considered giving up on my course because the people there just drain me so much.

-I've cried and had constant headaches for weeks now.

-I lost my oldest cat.

-I might lose my brother soon.

-I might be stuck, without my friends' assistance for god only knows how long when I move because there'll be no internet.

-I've watched my friends move on, distance themselves, and felt slightly angry and ill about it because I feel lost and trapped. I've felt selfish and envious of so many people...But mostly I've felt neglected by people I considered very close to me at some point.

...And this is my story of intolerance...A day gone from bad to worse in so very little time. And again I feel nothing but alone and at a loss in this situation.
Hope you enjoyed reading about my issues.
Hope it satisfied your boredom.
Because frankly, not even writing about it made me feel any better...I'll just go do something else till I don't feel like vomiting.

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